OASSIS is the OACAO’s provider of choice for employee benefits for not-for-profit organizations in Canada. OASSIS is an association plan and has been providing Employee Benefit Plans across Canada since 1990, with an exceptional history of serving its members in both service and in price. They offer affordable and comprehensive Employee Benefits to not-for-profit organizations of all sizes (1 to over 1,000 employees) exclusively. Benefits are available to full time, part time, and contract employees.

OASSIS is a not-for-profit organization and sets its rates to cover claims and administrative costs only. At the end of the year any surplus goes back into the plan. OASSIS is not a broker and therefore no commissions are charged, resulting in greater savings for you. OASSIS has a history of stable rates, and we have a 5-year trend report that we can point to.

OASSIS offers hassle free, equitable access to employee benefits for all employees; no employees are denied coverage upon enrollment. They align themselves with Industry Leaders. Health & Dental claims are processed by Green Shield Canada, and Disability claims are processed by Canada Life.

See more at www.oassisplan.com or call Toll Free 1-888-233-5580.

OASSIS Employee Benefits Program Intake Form

The OACAO Board has created access to an affordable employee benefit plan for organizations that do not provide senior services. By completing the registration form below and paying an admin fee of $90, Canadian non-profit organizations, who don’t primarily serve older adults/seniors, can now access the OASSIS benefit plan through the OACAO.