Funding Support for Host Centres 

Thank you to all centres that hosted Seniors Active Living Fairs! We acknowledge and thank the Government of Ontario for the funding provided to the Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario for the implementation of the 2022 – 2023 Seniors Active Living Fair project. We hosted a total of 65 In-person Fairs, 3 Virtual Fairs and 1 Virtual Northern Fair hosted by the OACAO in partnership with our Northern Region members. Questions can be directed to the OACAO at or call 905-584-8125 or toll free 1-866-835-7693.

Funding provided by:


Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility – Supports for seniors


A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors 

English PDF Version (Fall 2022) (click on image)

The online Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors version (Fall 2022):


Version PDF française (Automne 2022) (cliquez sur l’image)

La version en ligne du Guide des programmes et services pour les aînés (Automne 2022):

There are no currently scheduled events.

Project Overview and Background

The Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario (OACAO) has been gratefully partnering with the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA) on a contractual basis, for fifteen years, to coordinate the development and operation of Seniors Active Living Fairs throughout the Province of Ontario.

Virtual and In-Person Seniors Active Living Fairs supported by MSAA and OACAO, will provide a great public education forum to reintroduce and reconnect older adults to their Senior Active Living Centre and bring them back up to the vibrant community hubs that they were pre-pandemic. The events will showcase programs and service delivery models that the centres have planned to strengthen their communities. It is an opportunity to reconnect older adults to SALCs and get them excited about the next chapter in this post-pandemic puzzle. In-person Fairs will include a Trade Show as an educational component highlighting local community services to support seniors as well as the government programs that they are entitled to.

Fairs will provide opportunities to support the Government of Ontario’s cross-governmental seniors’ strategy identified by the four pillars and priorities that will improve the lives of seniors and provide the supports and resources to help them:

  1. Aging at home and in communities
  2. Remain healthy, active and socially engaged
  3. Be safe and secure
  4. Participate in the labour market and in the economy as they wish


What are Seniors Active Living Fairs?

A Seniors Active Living Fair is a public education initiative, developed in partnership between the OACAO and MSAA, with a focus on activities that reduce social isolation, support seniors’ mental health, promote active and healthy living, offer social engagement opportunities, highlight partnerships, independence and learning for seniors, and family members and care partners are encouraged to participate. Fairs are accessible and bring much needed awareness to programs and services available to seniors across Ontario.