The OACAO is proud to offer valuable programs to our members and supporters. These include: Links2Wellbeing will enable family physicians, nurse practitioners and other allied health providers to link socially isolated older adults with community programs and services offered by Seniors Active Living Centres (SALCs). Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (interactive telephone-based program) training and resources. Various awards for which you can nominate a volunteer, staff member or community partner in recognition of their success and achievements. Through OASSIS, we also offer an Employee Benefits Program, specifically catered to not-for-profit organizations.


  • Began in April 2021 and will continue for three years
  • Provincial community of practice
  • National social prescribing network

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls

Awards Program

  • Award of Merit
  • Community Spirit Award
  • Trailblazer Award
  • Regional Award of Excellence
  • Award of Distinction
  • Life Supporter Award

OASSIS Employee Benefits Program

  • Available to not-for-profit organizations in Canada
  • Available to organizations of all sizes
  • Available to full-time, part-time and contract employees
  • Affordable and comprehensive
  • No commission charges
  • No employees are denied