Business Partnership Categories

Platinum Business Partner – Pro-rated fee: $400 (January 2024 – March 2024)

Gold Business Partner – Pro-rated fee: $300 (January 2024 – March 2024)

Partnership Benefits
1. Your logo included on the OACAO website home page Business Partner Carousel with a link to your webpage.
2. A brief write-up about your company on the OACAO website Business Partners’ web page with your contact information.
3. OACAO will follow and support activities of partners who have a Twitter account.
4. OACAO will follow and support activities of partners who have a Facebook account.
5. Your company name and contact information in the OACAO Annual Business Partner Directory.
6. Your company logo, name, phone number and website will be listed in the OACAO Newsletter distributed quarterly to all members and partners. The option to include a flyer OR written print ready article/advertisement in each copy of the OACAO newsletter sent out 4 times per year and posted on the OACAO website.
7. Upon becoming a partner of the OACAO, you will be invited to join the OACAO List Serve of 700 Individuals, giving you immediate access to pertinent information regarding older adults and older adult centres. A brief introductory write-up about new Business Partners will be shared on List Serve by the OACAO. Platinum Partners are permitted to send one email per quarter to the OACAO membership (4 in total) through List Serve.
8. Your company name and website in the OACAO Annual Report.

Strategic Liaisons & Networking
1. Access to staff and volunteers in over 230 Older Adult Centres and Organizations across Ontario.
2. Opportunity to participate in the Fairs organized province-wide by the OACAO (a separate fee may be required).
3. Invitation to attend the OACAO Annual Meeting.
4. The opportunity to provide sponsorship (additional fee may apply) and/or attend OACAO provincial or regional events.

Development Support & Resources
1. Access to the OACAO Member Profile (statistical analysis of the OACAO membership) researched and published every few years. The 2022 Member Profile Survey is currently available.


The OACAO 2023 Aging Well Conference is scheduled for October 23 & 24, 2023 in Mississauga. Additional fees will apply to participate in OACAO 2023 Aging Well Conference Trade Show on Monday, October 23rd.