The OACAO 2024 OACAO Awards Program is now accepting nominations.


Award of Merit (two nomination categories: staff/employees and volunteers)

The purpose of this award is to recognize exceptional effort and contribution to the field of Older Adults/Seniors. Anyone is eligible to receive this award from two categories.
Award of Merit may be conferred for:
a) Outstanding leadership contribution to the field of Older Adult Centres or Seniors Active Living Centres
b) Making a significant impact on the lives of older adults in their community or across Ontario

Community Spirit Award

This award recognizes an organization, partner or business that has displayed exceptional effort and commitment, on behalf of Older Adults / Centres, through age friendly service, accessibility, and/or advocacy.

Trailblazer Award (two nomination categories: staff/employees and volunteers)

This award recognizes a novice staff person or volunteer in the field of Older Adults and Seniors Active Living Centres whose personal achievements and professional accomplishments have furthered the sector. The nominee must have proven leadership and dedication and have been employed or a volunteer involved with the organization for a maximum of 3 years in the sector.

Regional Award of Excellence

This award recognizes staff person or volunteer representatives from an OACAO Region, who has shown a considerable amount of effort and commitment to the Older Adult sector /Seniors Active Living Centres (SALC), to increase awareness of, and advocacy for, the OACAO and its’ programs and opportunities, and by coordinating and/or participating in OACAO Regional Workshops and/or other OACAO initiatives.

Award of Distinction

The OACAO Award of Distinction is considered to be the most prestigious recognition bestowed by the OACAO. It recognizes the exceptional contributions and/or long-term commitment of an individual staff person, volunteer, or group, toward the advancement of Older Adult initiatives and awareness of the OACAO in Ontario, and beyond. To be eligible, they must have dedicated a minimum of ten (10) years of service to the Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario, served as Chairperson on two or more committees and as a member of the OACAO Executive Committee. Recipients of this award epitomize the hard work and long service required to ensure the positive contribution of the Association to the success of Older Adult Centres in Ontario.

Lifetime Supporter Award

Consideration will be given to long time service to OACAO. Candidates must have served on two or more Committees, the Board of Directors, and the Executive for a period of fifteen (15) years. Consideration may also be given to persons serving in the field of Older Adult Centres in general.

Past President’s Award

There shall be a PAST PRESIDENT’S CITATION in recognition of services rendered. The Past President’s Award shall be presented to the Outgoing President following the appointment of the Incoming President. The award will only be presented when an individual leaves the office of President.