Director, Client Services

Type: Full Time Position

Location: North York

Organization: North York Seniors Centre

Posted On: 02/14/2019

Application Deadline: 03/15/2019

Additional Information: Job Listing PDF

How to Apply:

Key Responsibilities: Supervise direct subordinates to perform duties and meet departmental performance targets and goals; Focus on program development and flexibility to meet changing client needs and environmental pressures; Support innovative use of volunteer to enhance service delivery; Participate in development and adhere to annual budget , performance targets and goals; Develop and implement policies, practices and procedures to ensure person centred services; Participate in continuous quality improvement processes and assist team with research and development of best practices; Promote and maintain a high standard of customer service that is client focused; Facilitate and maintain connections in the community to assist in development of the organization and enhance partnerships. Represent the organization on external committees and partnership ventures; Facilitate the work of internal committees including ethics committee, accessibility committee; Adhere to all health and safety programs to support a positive work environment for Team members and clients.

To apply for this position, please do so in the manner specified in this job posting. Questions? Contact Us