Stay social, informed and connected with your members. Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) is a free interactive telephone-based group activity program that connects seniors and older adults 50+ and adults with physical disabilities who find it difficult to leave their home. SCWW programs offer an inclusive, safe, inviting space to listen, learn and be heard which increases social connectedness and well-being for participants. Information and resources are made available, stories are shared, and lasting connections and friendships are formed. All the participants need is a telephone to participate from the comfort of their home.

The SCWW Micro-Grant Program was developed by the Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario with funding support from the Government of Ontario and will focus on supporting non-profit organizations that serve seniors to facilitate and coordinate remote and virtual community connections, with a focus on centres that operate in underserved geographic areas and with under-represented groups (i.e. rural, diverse, Northern, Francophone and Indigenous seniors).

The SCWW Micro-Grant program supports group telephone-based programs, not online video conferencing programs. This ensures equitable access for all participants and removes barriers to participation.

SCWW Micro-Grants are for a maximum of $5,000 for eligible individual organizations OR $6,000 for Collaborative Partnership Model with 2 or more eligible organizations or networks.

Micro-Grant Program Guidelines: click here

On-line Application:

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls Proposed Budgetclick here

Emailed Applications:

Micro-Grant Program Application: click hereEmail Application to: Must include proof of incorporation (if applicable) and, for Collaborative Partnership Model applicants, must also include the completion of Appendix A – Partner Information Form, for each partner. 

Micro-GRANT Questions can be emailed to or call 905-584-8125 or toll free 1-866-835-7693.


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Seniors’ Centre Without Walls Webinars: Have you been thinking about running a Seniors’ Centre Without Walls program for your members? Emma Revell, Seniors’ Centre Without Walls Provincial Lead, from The Good Companions team leads an introductory webinar and provides an overview of the SCWW program. She highlights the resources developed and shares them with Centres who are interested in running their own programs. Small group training sessions can be arranged following the Seniors’ Centre Without Walls introductory webinar. Please direct any questions to Lina Zita, Marketing and Development Coordinator or call 905-584-8125 or toll free 1-866-835-7693 for details.

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In partnership with the Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario and The Good Companions. With funding support from the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility.