Community Development Worker (Summer Student)

Type: Full Time Position

Location: Caledon East

Organization: Older Adult Centres' Association of Ontario

Posted On: 05/01/2024

Application Deadline: 06/01/2024

Additional Information: Job Listing PDF

How to Apply: email

Community Development Worker (Summer Student) will work closely with the staff and volunteers at the OACAO and Caledon Seniors Centre to achieve the following goals:
1. Work with and support the efforts of the staff team and older adult volunteers at the Caledon Seniors Centre (CSC) in Bolton. Assist with program planning & delivery, summer special events, administrative support, and other duties as assigned. (3 days per week at the CSC in Bolton)
2. Work with the Seniors Centre staff and volunteers to plan and implement a recreation program for local seniors to participate in during the summer with a focus on innovative and diverse programs to meet the interests and needs of local seniors. This is a great opportunity to utilize the recently expanded space and amenities at the Seniors Centre.
3. Work closely with the OACAO staff team and volunteer board members to provide administrative tasks and membership support for the OACAO, including special project support, membership management software data entry, and support of regional and provincial projects. (2 days per week at the OACAO office in Caledon East, or remotely)
4. Communication and Marketing: Assist with marketing, communication and outreach activities to local and regional seniors centres and clubs, informing them of upcoming events, educational webinars and resources available to older adults and seniors centres throughout the region.
5. Assist with the planning, registration, and marketing of the OACAO 2024 Annual Conference “AGING WELL: Collaborate, Innovate, Advocate” taking place in October 2024.
6. Other related duties as assigned and of interest to the student to ensure growth and learning objectives are met and a rich employment experience is achieved.

To apply for this position, please do so in the manner specified in this job posting. Questions? Contact Us