The OACAO Board of Directors provides direction and support to staff and volunteers who are responsible for the day to day operation of the organization and the development and implementation of a variety of initiatives and projects that reflect the mission, goals and objectives of the association.The Board is composed of an Executive Committee, elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association, 16 Regional Representatives and Chairpersons of the Standing Committees.

The Association divides the province into 8 regions, with 2 representatives from each region, a staff member and a senior volunteer, being selected from the region to sit on the Board of Directors. The role of the Regional Representative is to be a liaison between the Board and the region, to develop training and education programs in the region and to play an active role in maintaining existing members and soliciting new members.


Nancy Beddoe, President

Kim Bradley, Past President

Suzanne Teixeira, President Elect

Tara Evershed, 1st Vice President

Wendy Caceres-Speakman, 2nd Vice President

Bill Krever, Treasurer

Sharon Oatway, Secretary

Sue Hesjedahl, Executive Director

Regional Representatives


Kim Evans, Staff


Monique Doolittle-Romas, Staff

Nellie Kingsbury, Senior Volunteer

Golden Horseshoe

Nadine Sowerby, Staff

Ted Lambert, Senior Volunteer

Grand River

Jaye Kuntz, Staff

Sue Morgan, Senior Volunteer


Liza Franses, Staff

Deborah Stewart Finestone, Senior Volunteer

North West

Don Pawlett, Senior Volunteer

North Central

John Richer, Staff

South West

Dorothy Davis, Senior Volunteer

Committee Chairs

Kim Bradley, Awards

Julie Pennal, Conference 2017

Bill Krever, OASSIS Liaison

Kim Evans, Membership

Bill Krever, Finance

Kim Bradley, Nominations

Shirley Glauser, Business Partners